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Hi there you healthy being.

In his 10 years as a Bhakti Yoga practitioner and 200 Hrs as a Certified Bhakti Instructor, he has centered his work on trauma & mental health, along with immigrant and first generation children’s health via the CCSM. Osiris believes that a Commitment to transparency may allow you to remember your authentic self. He invites you to take a break from your everyday distraction and allow your self to receive all the prosperity you deserve. Osiris is a Yoga Teacher, a Past Life Reader, a Body Worker, a Sonic Healer, an Intuitive, a Lifecycle Consultant and a Psychic. All offerings are available upon request.

Our Services

Hindu & Kemetic Yoga

Chakra balancing, Core stability building, dynamic movement training, reclaiming the physical body and building mental resolve are the key aspects of physical yoga asana. By improving stability, we can find physical blockages that often inhibit the subtle body from interacting with the outside world. By bringing awareness to blockages within the physical body we clear the channels that the subtle body uses & allow the spirit to engage with integrity & flow. This is a heavily physical practice that will allow you to become aware of the potential for healing within you.

$150.00 – 90 min session

Massage, Body Work, Reiki

A combination of assisted stretching, deep tissue massage, energy clearing and physical therapy. These are hands on sessions that allow the client to experience parts of the physical body that are often hard to experience by ones self. By combining intuition with physical therapy the mental synapsis are paired with their physical blockages and deep muscle memories are released.

$150.00 – 60 min session

Past Life Regression

By divination into the Akashik & Kemetic records we are able to find clarity on how our current path & our Past Lives can collaborate in harmony. With the intent of exposing both the spirits self loving & self sabotaging habits, we tap into the individual clients dharma through meditation, herbalism, and energy readings.

$150.00 – 60 min session

Anxiety & Depression Healing

As someone who identified with anxiety and depression for years I have combined breathing techniques, mental trap doors, grounding practices, and anti-paranoia tactics. These tools aid in navigating the lower vibrations of the planet.

$100.00 – 60 min session
$66.00 – 30 min session

Soul Retrieval workshops 

There is likely no separation between you and the space you stand in. In my Soul Retrieval workshops identities are left at the door and spirits will interact in their raw form. By bringing awareness to our habits both productive an destructive, we can remember what we are here to express a light much bigger than any issue we are moved to identify with. By looking at our past lives and synchronizing them with our current life, These guided meditations will allow us to zoom out of “Our Story” and pinpoint our triggers that are often recognizable through our physical blockages. Price TBD upon event.


“Every time I have worked with Osiris I’m blown away at the amount of knowledge he has attained from many ancient practices. He has helped me with harnessing energy through harvesting techniques and he has given me intuitive instructions based on ailments of the physical and subtle body. I would trust and recommend Osiris’ services because he is a highly attuned being with accurate and succinct intuitive information that is delivered in a very intentional way”. – Imani Quinn of The Woke Mystix.

“Working with Osiris is a unique and profoundly positive experience. As an instructor, Osiris brings a contagious energy that allows for depth, humor, vulnerability and joy. As a collaborator he brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and intention that allows for transcendent experiences.  The energy of Osiris is amazing and I would greatly recommend working with him in the spiritual, physical and creative realms.” – Layla Anderson of The GOLDNLINK.

“My session with Osiris was inspiring and illuminating— so many questions became clear with his intuitive information from past lives and archetypal stories that rang true to my inner knowing. His conversational approach was engaging and created space for what I consider cosmic folk counseling, as we worked together to uncover deeper and higher meanings beyond what I could have given myself permission to explore on my own. I am normally dismissive, unimpressed, and triggered by men and don’t allow them into my spaces and emotional bodies but Osiris is a gentle human and holds space with compassion and love that allowed me to let my guard down and actually helped create pathways towards healing the masculine wounds of many of my timelines. I am in gratitude.” – Jessica Amascual of “Healing Justice Collective”.

Wondering how to find me? Reach out using the email below. DO NOT use the contact form below to schedule, I will not receive your message. Please use the Email below…

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